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Welcome to Tradeshift Support

As a leading airline Group, Air France-KLM has implemented numerous actions to limit its impact on the environment. These initiatives have earned the Group its position as category leader for the past 10 years for the Dow Jones Sustainability Index (DJSI) and therefore to be considered as one of the most responsible companies in the world.

In this context, Air France-KLM has chosen to adopt a more sustainable approach to its supplier invoice processing and uses an entirely electronic process.

Through e-Invoicing, Air France-KLM will be able to eventually eliminate all paper invoice documents from the purchase-to-pay process. This fast and electronic processing of invoices will among others increase our timely payments. Invoices that used to get lost in mail traffic or would reach us with a delay will no longer happen with e-Invoicing.

By using Tradeshift, this will therefore benefit you directly. With this electronic way of working, Air France-KLM also allows you to track and trace the status of your invoice, knowing when your invoice is received and approved.

In the near future, Air France-KLM Procurement will request all contracted and new suppliers to submit invoices to us via the Tradeshift e-Invoicing platform only. Use of the Tradeshift platform is free of charge and activating your company account is quick and easy. 
We look forward to working with you on this e-Invoice platform and to creating new value in our relations with you in the future.

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Benefits of eInvoicing with Tradeshift

Tradeshift increases invoicing accuracy, and improves visibility to the payment process and status through an easy-to-use web-based platform

Easy Setup

  • No installation of hardware or software required.
  • Supports both manual and highly-automated options allowing suppliers to submit invoices from within existing billing software.

Real-time Monitoring & Communication

  • Check the status of invoices with real-time updates in your computer or mobile browser.
  • Confirm invoice receipt -- no delays due to missing information or lost paper invoices.
  • Communicate and attach supporting documents directly from within Tradeshift.

Always Free

  • No setup fees, transaction fees, or service charges.
  • Invoice other customers through the Tradeshift network at no charge.

Public Profiles & Network

  • Promote your business, products and services to the fastest-growing network of connected companies. Get a modern web presence easily and efficiently.

Getting Started with Tradeshift

We built a short guide on how to get started quickly with only 5 steps.

These five steps will guide you through the most important steps invited supplier should take while and after responding to the invitation email of their customer.

Invoicing Air France - KLM

Once you have determined your preferred method for sending your documents via Tradeshift, you are ready to start sending to Air France-KLM. For your integration options please visit: https://integrate.tradeshift.com.

Currently, Air France-KLM uses Tradeshift for the following:

  • Inbound invoices (invoices sent from suppliers)
  • Inbound credit notes (credit notes sent from suppliers)
  • Outbound invoice statuses (on invoices sent from suppliers)
  • Outbound credit note statuses (on credit notes sent from suppliers)
  • Business firewall validation rules and error messages

It is important to note that there is a lot of functionality available on Tradeshift that is currently not used by your customer, including:

  • Reception of documents outside the scope of invoices and credit notes
  • Comments on invoices (available in the comments thread above sent invoices)

Business firewall

As part of the Business Firewall Air France-KLM has implemented a number of validation rules and related error-messages on the Tradeshift platform, helping to quickly and efficiently receive all the required information required to process your invoices.

Validation rules

The validation rules implemented by your customer are listed below:

Invoice Issue date: Is mandatory, in order to stop back-dating of invoices, Air France-KLM have implemented a “static validation rule” on Tradeshift, meaning that the invoice date on the invoice must be no more than 20 days in the past and can’t be dated in the future.

Invoice number: Is mandatory, has to be unique and can only be up to 16 characters maximum.

PO number: The Purchase Order related to this invoice. This is an optional field if Cost Center and Department Code have been provided but is mandatory otherwise. This number must be of 10 digits exactly.

Contract number & Reference: While the Reference is not a mandatory field for your customer on Tradeshift, its presence is preferred as it can greatly assist the speed of processing in some instances. This field can either contain resource involved name, month of the service provided or further details for specific invoices related to services.

Cost Center: This is an optional field if a Purchase Order has been provided but mandatory otherwise along with Department Code field.

Department Code: This is an optional field if a Purchase Order has been provided but mandatory on 6 characters exactly otherwise along with the Cost Center field.

Purchase Order Line Number: 
What is the PO Line number? A Purchase Order (PO) can have several PO Lines, it can be:

  • Several expenses for the same PO number
  • The same expense with different VAT, it is differentiated by creating a PO Line for each tax

The PO is in that case, subdivided into PO Lines. However some PO have only one PO Line number (just one expense). The PO Line number(s) has to be passed on either through the Procurement Department or through the Air France contractor. This is the matching line number of the Purchase Order invoiced. This field is mandatory if a Purchase Order has been provided and must be exactly 3 digits long.
Tax Exemption Reason: This field is a free text field and mandatory if the VAT Exempt Tax has been selected.

Credit Note Number: This number is the Credit Note Unique Identifier Number for exchange between Air France-KLM and the Supplier. This field is Mandatory and cannot be more than 16 characters.

Additional information
Please note that in some countries there might be additional requirements due to local legislation, e.g. relating to payment references, etc. If you are unsure of which validation rules apply to you, please contact the Air France-KLM support team: mail.afkl.demat@airfrance.fr.

Further to this, it is important to note that there are some “standard fields” on typical invoices that your customer does not receive from the Tradeshift platform (not visible in the web interface, and simply ignored in the case of EDI files); they are:

  • Invoice due date: invoices will always be paid based on the previously agreed terms and conditions, as stipulated in your supplier agreement with Air France or KLM, and therefore are not necessary within the individual invoice.
  • Payment details: invoices will always be paid, based on the payment details that Air France-KLM has registered within its financial system. If you need these changed, then you should contact the Air France-KLM support team: mail.afkl.demat@airfrance.fr.

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